Vietnam: New office in Hanoi

Fully operational site has strategic importance for market expansion in Southeast Asia.

With an office in Vietnam's capital Hanoi, a. hartrodt is continuing its growth strategy in the strategically important region of Southeast Asia. Sales Manager Ngoc Le is in charge of the local set-up phase. She brings 13 years of freight forwarding experience and has held management positions in customer service and sales (support) at a. hartrodt logistics (Vietnam) since October 2016. The Hanoi office was temporarily closed due to the pandemic. "Instead of continuing our former sales office, this time we are planning a fully operational office," says Ngoc Le. She has been developing sales in Hanoi since November 2023 and plans to hire operational staff later on.

Initially sales specialists, later operational personnel

Ngoc Le intends to initially employ three sales specialists in Hanoi by the end of January. "As soon as we are fully operational, probably in the fourth quarter of 2024, one person each for import and export will follow," she announces. In Vietnam, a. hartrodt has 30 employees including trainees. Two more sales positions are to be filled this month at the national headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City. A third office is located in Vung Tau.

Personalized and prompt services on site

Vietnam, and Hanoi in particular, are of strategic importance for a. hartrodt's market expansion. "Our physical presence in the region enables us to build strong relationships with local companies and clients," explains Ngoc Le. The new office strengthens the ability to provide customized and prompt services. "This increases customer satisfaction," she emphasizes. In addition, Hanoi offers access to a talent pool with industry-specific knowledge, partnerships and networks. The growth strategy aims to diversify the range of services with e-commerce fulfillment and last-mile delivery services, for example.

In the new office, a. hartrodt offers weekly consolidation services for air freight Frankfurt–Hanoi and sea freight Hamburg/Genoa–Haiphong. This is complemented by value-added services such as customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, logistics solutions.

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