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Only the best for your foodstuffs

With us, foods travel first class. Your special products will enjoy superb service from start to finish.

Foods like controlled temperatures

Are you looking for reliable transport solutions for your vulnerable food products? a. hartrodt has a separate food & beverage logistics unit that is optimally equipped to deal with these sensitive issues. We deal with stringent requirements relating to delivery times, refrigeration chains and transparency every day.

Sent safely from door to door

Our technologies guarantee reliable refrigeration chains together with continuous transparency and documentation

a. hartrodt’s F&B experts know all about the sensitive handling that foods require. One of their top priorities is ensuring that the refrigeration chain remains unbroken from door to door. We also use electronic resources for optimum transparency. Data loggers guarantee constant temperature monitoring. Purchase order management and tracking & tracing systems make sure that all processes are documented throughout. You will always know where your goods are currently located and whether the warehousing and transport conditions come up to the standards agreed.

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Frozen berries

Safety first: perfectly insulated and packed

Every product has to be optimally protected for transportation. We work with the latest products from the world of export packaging.

Are your products particularly perishable or sensitive to pressure? Do you do business with organic products or liquids? We advise you on the measures you need to take to ensure your goods arrive undamaged. We work with the latest products to insulate and protect your goods. Our equipment includes thermal blankets, pallet covers, insulation kits, dry bags and air bags. No matter whether your shipment is travelling overland, by sea or by air – as experts in temperature-controlled transport logistics, you can rely on us to get your foods to their destination

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Global expertise, local markets

We have F&B experts in more than 80 countries all over the world, and our networks are experiencing dynamic growth.

Many of our employees have been at their locations for decades; they know the local conditions, local idiosyncrasies and the structures of the trading landscape as well as a lot of people. Are you planning to launch your products on the market? Are you looking for the right local contact? Get in touch with us. We will be glad to help you.

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We are food & beverage specialists

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Wine grapes and cheese

Best solution for each of your products

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Frozen berries

Temperture controlled transports

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Woman at wineyard

Transparency and documentation

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Products sensitive to pressure

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Bottles of wine

Wine transports

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