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Achieving environmental objective

We also take responsibility for your eco-balance

Transport routes can now be planned in a very responsible manner. Environmentally friendly propulsion technologies and energy sources, alternative modes of transport, combined transport solutions, smart supply chain planning: there are many ways to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint on the way from A to B - or even to be CO2-neutral.

At a. hartrodt, responsibility for your transport extends beyond the reliability and quality of our global logistic chains. At the same time, we see it as our mission to protect the climate and the environment in the best possible way to fulfil your mission at its best. That is why we never go the easy way with concepts and offers. An integral part of a. hartrodt's service is finding alternative transport options. They are often in no way inferior to other shipping possibilities. But they have been proven to help your company achieve environmental goals faster.

How our performance pays off for you

At a. hartrodt, you can see at a glance how well a transport solution pays for the environment and your company by using the CO2 calculator. This free tool allows you to easily and quickly calculate the CO2 values for your planned shipments - and compare them with alternative solutions. In this way, complete transport chains across all modes of transport can be evaluated transparently in terms of their environmental impact.

Furthermore, we offer our customers automatic CO2 calculations via our Transport Management System. This service is available on request for transports that have already been carried out with us. In this way, complete transport chains can be transparently assessed for their environmental friendliness across all modes of transport.

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Keyboard with CO2 button

Natural compensation: tree sponsorships

CO2 emissions cannot always be avoided. In this case, we rely on balancing the resulting environmental impact - through tree sponsorships. As a partner of Eden Reforestation Projects, we make our contribution to reforesting forests and planting trees to sustainably protect our climate. The initiative has so far planted more than 300 million trees in six countries. And it is getting more and more every day.

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Woman hugs a tree

Voluntary commitment

Because we can never do enough for the environment, we have entered into environmental partnerships at many locations around the world, which commit us to a particularly economical and careful use of energy and natural resources. We have entered into a voluntary corporate commitment to environmental protection with the City of Hamburg, among others. This institution disciplines us to do something for the environment at every point in our office life.