Customer meeting

Philosophy and values

Think independently, act responsibly

There is only one solution: The one that fulfills your requirements best.

We give every project our full attention. For us, you aren’t just one client among many but a personality with your own ideas and goals. As your service partner, we help you realise these. We don’t just want to find a solution, we want to find the solution that best meets your needs. This is why we believe dialogue is so important. And the independence to act and make decisions outside the constraints of a system. In this way, we combine the best of both worlds: the customer proximity of a medium-sized company and the scope of a logistics provider with a global presence.

Our values

Our values are the basis of our success. They are part of our corporate culture.

  • Our clients
    We give our clients our full attention and advise them personally. All our solutions are oriented on the client and their needs.
  • Our team
    We treat each other with respect. Every one of us makes a significant contribution to the company's success. Together we are the company’s biggest asset. We foster development and further training.
  • How we see ourselves
    We are proud of our long history in the transport industry and attach great importance to tradition. At the same time, we are visionary thinkers and open to new technologies and ideas. We believe that our amalgamation of tradition and innovation optimally prepares the ground for efficient solutions.
  • Our service principle
    We execute small orders with the same care and attention as large-scale transport assignments. Consistently high quality is guaranteed.
  • Our work methods
    We take action rather than spending long periods in discussion. Our activities are transparent, flexible and solution-oriented.
  • Our quality management
    Our high safety standards and comprehensive quality management guarantee the best transport and logistics solutions. We have been IATA agents since 1950, and in 1998, we introduced a quality management system in Hamburg that complies with DIN ISO 9002/9001. Many of our other subsidiaries and partners are still certified in compliance with this standard today. The a. hartrodt Group was one of the first concerns in Europe to be awarded full AEO certification.
  • Our responsibility
    As a globally active company, we are well aware of our responsibility towards the environment. We are sensitised to the use of solutions that afford maximum protection of the environment and its resources. Protecting the environment and its resources plays an important role in each of our transport and logistics solutions. We attach the utmost important to ecological transport.