USA: New office at Atlanta airport

Branch Manager Trisha Jensen focuses on air freight consolidation.

As of October 1, 2023, a. hartrodt USA's most recent office in Atlanta (Georgia) is fully operational. Branch Manager Trisha Jensen will establish a consolidation hub for air freight at the new location in close proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with initially two additional employees. She has worked in the local freight forwarding industry for more than a decade and has a close-knit network. "I like to have direct contact with customers and take them by the hand whenever necessary," is how she describes her service-oriented approach.

Atlanta growth region: 8.6 million inhabitants by 2050

"We want to increase our footprint in the Atlanta growth region," says Soeren Thode, President/CEO of a. hartrodt USA in New York. The Atlanta Regional Commission expects the region's population to increase to 8.6 million by 2050. In the Atlanta airport catchment area, Trisha Jensen counts the automotive industry, medical devices, textiles, machinery and spare parts suppliers as important industries.

Weekly air freight imports ex Frankfurt

Atlanta was the world's busiest airport in 2022, with 93.7 million passengers. "Because of the large number of connections, it's an important cargo airport," says Soeren Thode. According to him, 80 percent of the U.S. population can be reached within a radius of 2 hours flight time, making air cargo a focus at a. hartrodt in Atlanta. Weekly imports ex Frankfurt, the freight forwarder's main consolidation point, account for the largest volume. "We want to build our own pallets in Atlanta, also for exports to Germany," Soeren Thode announces. At the same time, Trisha Jensen wants to expand the LCL container business by rail via the ports of Savannah and Charleston.

For sea freight, Trisha Jensen has brought on board the experienced automotive and project logistics specialist Micah Hankins, and for air cargo, the expert Cory Ross. Now she wants to hire two sales people as soon as possible – but Atlanta is "a very challenging job market".

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