Flue gas stacks in the race against stink bugs

a. hartrodt coordinates time-critical project between Denmark, Germany and Australia.

Experienced project logistics specialists are needed, when cargo weighing tons has to win the race against tiny agricultural pests. Therefore, the mechanical engineering company Hellmich, based in Kirchlengern/East Westphalia (Germany), commissioned a. hartrodt to transport a flue gas cleaning system to Australia. "The challenge was to organize the shipments in time. The cargo had to arrive before the start of the BMSB season of the brown marmorated stink bug to avoid time-consuming and costly treatments", says Gerd Illing, Regional General Manager Projects & Logistics Services at a. hartrodt in Hamburg.

Components from different suppliers

A brick manufacturer in the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) requires the system, for which Hellmich had the individual components manufactured in Kirchlengern, Essen (Germany) and Esbjerg (Denmark). The project specialists from a. hartrodt had to coordinate various components from different suppliers. "Our task was to ship everything across several modes of transport to the shipping address 16,000 kilometers away," says Illing.

Ro-ro carrier as an alternative

Due to the tense loading/unloading situation in container shipping, the experts opted for the ro-ro carrier alternative. According to Illing, this ran "like clockwork". The project team from a. hartrodt in Hamburg coordinated everything as a one-stop shop: the pre-carriage from the production sites in Germany and Denmark, the port handling and sea freight to Port Kembla in NSW, as well as the on-carriage to the end customer in Horsley Park. The first lot – consisting of 39 large colli – was followed in a second partial shipment by the flue gas stacks with dimensions of 22 by 2.85 by 2.96 meters.

The experts from a. hartrodt were able to complete the project in Australia within the time frame specified by the customer without any delays. As a result, the flue gas cleaning system will soon start its service for the protection of the environment.

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