Corona everyday life: Balancing act between work and private life

a. hartrodt employees continue to serve customers worldwide despite difficult conditions.

Evelyn Tan has been busy as Deputy Operation Manager at a. hartrodt in Singapore since March 2018. The Southeast Asian city state is an important air freight hub and a consolidation hub for sea freight consolidated containers. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the 30-year-old is always there for customers. The single parent has moved her workplace into her living room since the lockdown began. "My six- and eight-year-old sons also sit here doing home schooling," she reports. The children are present at their mother's web conferences and "sometimes a little too loud," she apologizes.

Certificate for police stops

Joan Ortega Sendra has been working in Seafreight Customer Service at a. hartrodt in Barcelona since April 2019 – and is already back in the office at the port every other week. The 30-year-old Spaniard lives more than 50 kilometers from his workplace and has a mobility certificate with him for police stops. When he works from home at his PC with two monitors, he saves two hours of travel time per day. He now lives with his girlfriend, who normally studies in Great Britain. However, he regrets: "The communication with colleagues sometimes is less agile, but in the end everybody is even more ready to help."

Emergency care in the day-care center

Nele Finger-Meyer has been with a. hartrodt in Hamburg since 2012 and recently became Pricing & Procurement Manager Oceania and Team Leader for Operations LCL Oceania with two members of staff. In the meantime, she is back in the office two days a week. She has been taking her three-year-old son to the daycare facility for the past four weeks - initially to emergency care, because her husband is a police officer in a systemically important profession. When he has to sleep during the day after his shift work, it is difficult with a child at home. The 29-year-old's interim corona balance is positive: "A great team spirit has developed, and the customers remain loyal to us. "

Slowly, the corona exit begins. While Nele Finger-Meyer in Germany and Joan Ortega Sendra in Spain are returning to their desks on a daily basis, Evelyn Tan in Singapore is also happy: Starting this week, her children are back to school.