Campaign for temperature-controlled consolidated containers

a. hartrodt France offers regular LCL reefer service from Le Havre to Singapore.

In line with the Chinese Year of the Dragon, which started on February 10, 2024, a. hartrodt France is currently running a "dragon" campaign for temperature-controlled consolidated containers between the ports of Le Havre and Singapore. "We offer a customer-friendly process at attractive prices," says Mikaël Poncet, Managing Director of a. hartrodt France in Lyon. Demand comes from Singaporean importers who distribute European wines and chocolate in the city state. The reefer consolidation service is suitable for all goods that require a constant transport temperature of 12 degrees. "The campaign will run until the end of the second quarter," announces Mikaël Poncet.

Fixed Schedules from Le Havre every two weeks

Only a few sea freight forwarders offer a regular LCL reefer service from France to Singapore. "We adapt to the needs and volumes of our customers," Mikaël Poncet emphasizes as an advantage. There are ship departures from Le Havre every two weeks. At a. hartrodt in France, an experienced team of three is available, supported in Singapore by five sales people and up to three sea freight experts.

Every six months audits to ensure that everything runs smoothly

Service quality is always a top priority at a. hartrodt. "Every six months, we have internal audits for our LCL reefer service, including shipping lines and warehouses," explains Mikaël Poncet. There are also separate audits for inland transportation by truck. Moreover, If there is any issue anywhere in the world, such as dockers on strike, a. hartrodt immediately initiates corrective measures. "We ensure that everything runs smoothly at all times," the Managing Director clarifies. Warehousing in Singapore enables end-to-end solutions from the European wineries to the distribution facilities in Asia.

Although wine consumption in the island state has not yet reached pre-pandemic levels, Mikaël Poncet is "optimistic" about this small market in 2024. He can imagine a new LCL reefer campaign for the 20th anniversary of a. hartrodt France in 2025.