New Managing Directors at a. hartrodt in Italy and Spain

Lorena Figaro in Genoa and Daniela Gracia in Barcelona want to expand business strategically.

Since March 1, 2024, Daniela Gracia has been Managing Director of a. hartrodt España in Barcelona. She succeeds Lorena Figaro, who headed the Spanish subsidiary for over four years before moving to a. hartrodt italiana in Genoa as Managing Director at the beginning of January. As part of a restructuring program, she will relieve Maurizio Fasce, who will focus on his tasks as Regional Director for the Mediterranean region and South Africa. Gracia worked at a. hartrodt Hong Kong for nine years, most recently as Managing Director. Her successor in Hong Kong is Jack Sin, who was previously General Manager there.

Return to the respective country of origin

The new positions take Figaro and Gracia back to their native countries. The Spaniard Gracia finds this "both exciting and associated with a high degree of responsibility". Together with her, Figaro, who was born in Genoa, is looking forward to "making the most of this opportunity". She has been demonstrating how to do this for over 16 years at a. hartrodt with career moves between Genoa, Milan and Barcelona.

Expand sales, continue successful campaigns

Originally, both managers have a background in sales, where they now focus strategically. Gracia wants to consolidate the sales department with two additional employees "over the next three years". At the same time, she wants to further expand the Food & Beverage and Air Freight divisions. She is also focusing on high data quality with the help of "our new systems and procedures" for constant controlling. Figaro wants to expand the company's market presence and continue successful campaigns "particularly in key regions such as Oceania and the USA". The focus is on project logistics, enhancing own warehouse facilities, as well as adding new LCL destinations for the own Mediterranean consolidation products.

In Spain, a. hartrodt employs 15 people in Barcelona, in Italy there are 39 people in Genoa and Milan. In Genoa, both the MED-Africa regional management and the MED-Hub team are present as well. The MED-Hub team, directly manages operations at the company's own 4,000 square meter warehouse, strategically positioned for an optimal connection between the port and the highway.

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