Hong Kong: Airfreight demands increase ahead of Chinese New Year

a. hartrodt’s Golden Dragon Service offers regular, flexible consolidations to Europe.

Customers with airfreight from Hong Kong to worldwide destinations should rush before Chinese New Year, which begins on February 10, 2024. "We foresee a sharp and temporary increase in airfreight rates and limited space," says Jack Sin. The General Manager of a. hartrodt Hong Kong anticipates a ripple effect in view of intensified attacks by Yemeni Houthi rebels against ships in the Red Sea. More and more container vessels are sailing around the Cape of Good Hope, which extends the transit time from the Far East to Europe. Customers might switch more often to airfreight, Jack Sin expects.

Consistently increasing volumes

"We are able to handle any market challenge," emphasizes Luca Cerruti, Regional Sales Manager North East Asia at a. hartrodt China. The airfreight team in Hong Kong demonstrated this during the "unexpectedly thrilling peak season at the end of 2023", when space on aircrafts suddenly became tight. "We have observed consistently increasing volumes, particularly with our shipments to Europe," he says.

Airfreight market remains unpredictable in 2024

At the Hong Kong airfreight hub, a. hartrodt has established the Golden Dragon Service since 2008. Jack Sin, who created the regular, flexible consolidation service, expects the airfreight market to "remain unpredictable" in 2024. In view of stiff competition and rising costs, a. hartrodt Hong Kong not only wants to expand its collaboration with airlines, but also forging stronger partnerships with other a. hartrodt offices worldwide. "This strategic approach will allow us to establish consolidations from Hong Kong and enhance our market share in the air cargo industry," says Jack Sin.

To avoid any nasty surprises before Chinese New Year, Luca Cerruti recommends customers early bookings with accurate volume figures "to enable us to reserve space accordingly". Jack Sin is confident that the Golden Dragon Service will take off to new heights in the Year of the Dragon 2024.

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