a. hartrodt is committed to eco-conscious actions

Eszter Baumgartl-Polgár appointed to newly created position as QHSE Manager.

Since January 1, 2024, Eszter Baumgartl-Polgár has been QHSE Manager (Quality, Health & Safety Environment) at a. hartrodt Germany, focusing more on the environment and health in addition to quality management. "The position underlines the fact that we are addressing these issues," says Hendrik Khezri, Managing Director of a. hartrodt Germany. In addition to the successful recertification for its ISO 9001 quality management system, the freight forwarder was awarded the ISO 14001 environmental management certification at the beginning of February. The certification confirms a. hartrodt's commitment to environmentally conscious actions and sustainable business practices.

Specific training to become a QHSE Manager

Eszter Baumgartl-Polgár has been working at a. hartrodt in Frankfurt as Hendrik Khezri's assistant for twelve years and has been involved in quality management for eight years. She has undergone specific training to become a QHSE Manager, most recently in 2023 with comprehensive training in environmental management and occupational safety. "There is an increasing demand for this from both customers and young colleagues in job interviews," she reports.

ISO 14001 certification received

By implementing an effective environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001, a. hartrodt Germany has demonstrated its commitment to reducing environmental pollution and promoting sustainable development. "As a sustainable logistics service provider, we meet criteria that are in our customers' environmental catalog. We offer them transport solutions that enable them to operate more sustainably," emphasizes Hendrik Khezri. "The ISO 14001 certification covers all modes of transport. In the air and sea freight sector, environmentally friendly transportation using alternative fuels from renewable resources is possible at all times. In land transportation, rail transport and electric vehicles reduce the CO2 footprint over the last mile. We also offer our customers compensation options."

When it comes to sustainability, a. hartrodt is constantly evolving and progress is reviewed every year by a certification company. The aim is to improve continuously environmental performance "by increasing resource efficiency, acting ecologically and promoting appropriate practices in all business areas," says the HQSE Manager.