a. hartrodt employs top trainee 2019

Thibaud Herrmann honoured at "National Best Apprentice in IHK Professions" event in Berlin.

On Monday, 9th December 2019, Thibaud Herrmann received what is probably the most important award of his career to date at the "National Best Apprentice in IHK Professions" event in Berlin. The 22-year-old completed his apprenticeship at a. hartrodt as a Management Assistant for Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce in the summer of 2019. With 99 out of 100 possible points, he achieved a very good overall result and the top position of 6,351 participants nationwide in the 2018/19 winter exams and the 2019 summer exams.

Concentrated, well-rested, sporty

Instead of a secret recipe for his exceptional performance, Herrmann recommends: "Learn concentrated and be well-rested on the day of the exam." On the evening before the final IHK exam, he jogged seven kilometres around the Outer Alster. His "learning in love with detail" might have been decisive for his good result, he says. For example, he remembered container dimensions with two digits after the decimal point. He attributes it to the multiple-choice questions in economics and social studies that he gave away one point: "The answer options are incredibly close together."

Hamburger Logistics Bachelor

Born in Bonn and with German and French passports, he was attracted by the "internationality and increasing fast pace business" of a freight forwarding apprenticeship. After his A-level exams, a round-the-world trip and internship at the Frankfurt Airport, Herrmann choose the tri-qualifying education of the Hamburg Logistics Bachelor programme at a. hartrodt. "I felt good from the very first second," he says. Because in the family business he was a fully-fledged employee. "During my apprenticeship, I was allowed to take over the entire handling chain for individual customers, from order acceptance to invoicing," he reports. The highlight was an internship abroad in Toronto, Canada.

In the meantime Herrmann works at a. hartrodt in Hamburg in export for Latin America and South Africa. When he graduates from Hamburg Fern-Hochschule (long-distance university of applied sciences) next summer with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Administration, he wants to go abroad for a. hartrodt.

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