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How to reach destinations around the world without it costing the world

Whether you have an express shipment, a large and heavy project, or are looking for a conveniently located storage facility, our goal is to offer you a solution that meets your needs as best as possible. We therefore take every carrier into consideration to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination on time, and with excellent money for value.

Air freight at the fare that suits you best

We offer three different fares with the best combination of duration, service and efficiency for your air-freight shipment. You will always receive our full and partial charter service, irrespective of time, place and route. And with our own security checks, swiftness is guaranteed. Where are you heading?

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Full-service load for your sea freight

Thanks to our offices at the ports of arrival and departure, we ensure your sea freight is quickly and safely shipped to any port in the world. Whether FCL or LCL, capital goods, food, machinery or hazardous materials: your sea freight always gets full-service treatment with a. hartrodt.

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In good hands on the ground

Whether by lorry, short-sea shipping, train or a combination of different means of transport: we take every carrier into consideration for your shipment. For example, we offer train connections to and from China as an attractive alternative to other transport routes along the new Silk Road.

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Logistics of all shapes and sizes

Project logistics requires planning down to the last detail. What are the possible transport routes? How much preparation time is needed to meet the deadline? How should a 100-tonne module be packed? With our global network of specialists, we will make sure your project is a success.

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Storage in the best locations

Are you looking for storage facilities and logistics capacities in a convenient location? We offer space for the short- and long-term storage of your goods and value-added services in major metropolitan regions, for example in Frankfurt. Our Kelsterbach storage facility is just 15 minutes from the airport.

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