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a. hartrodt – tradition has never felt so young

Is tradition still important in the modern working world? Or is it more about the dynamism of a start-up? If you want a secure foundation for your professional future, look no further. Our business model has been developed over generations and guarantees stability, growth and the innovative spirit that helps shape the digital transformation.

The a. hartrodt success story begins in 1887, with the forwarder Arthur Hartrodt, in Hamburg. Since its earliest days, the company has remained true to many things: We know that skilled and dedicated employees are our key to success. We foster a caring corporate culture defined by appreciation and trust. We work together to improve and to meet the challenges of a globalised world for the benefit of our clients.

Our company headquarters are in Hamburg, where our management holding operations for the central administrative and management functions in the areas of IT and finance are overseen. With 420 employees, a. hartrodt Deutschland (GmbH & Co) KG handles operational logistics services for sea and air freight in Germany.

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Hamburg port

If you are looking for an employer that gives you the opportunity to work autonomously towards shaping the future early in your career, a. hartrodt is an exciting prospect. As an international transport and logistics firm, we are part of a global economy. We combine industry and trade. We secure supply structures. We create a cross-continental logistical infrastructure for market and sales success. And we do this with you.

You have talent. We will help you develop it.

a. hartrodt promises diverse career opportunities. You can decide whether you want to work locally or around the world, as well as where you would like to take your career. We offer individual professional development programmes to foster your talent. Our “Campus” programme for young talent and the a. hartrodt training academy for your career abroad are just two examples. With us, you will move forward in your career quicker than you might expect, as we typically fill management positions from within our own ranks.

What are our strengths? Team spirit and respect

With us, you will never be left without support to handle obstacles. A trustworthy partner is always nearby, ready to lend a hand. Precisely this friendly and tight-knit community makes us strong and sets us apart from other employers. We promote personal dialogue beyond borders and cultures, and value working in teams of people with different nationalities and in which both young and experienced colleagues can learn from one another.

You will sense this helpfulness on your first day and beyond, no matter where you are in the company. Everyone is welcome here! Our company sporting events and outings are a couple of ways we actively foster this community spirit.

Social responsibility is important to us

We are successful, and we share our success with those who are less fortunate by supporting social organisations with donations and personal involvement. We also help refugees integrate by offering internships and apprenticeships. We make this engagement about others, not about ourselves.

We don’t want you to worry

Career opportunities and professional development are important. But good pay and professional freedom are just as important. That’s why we offer higher-than-average pay, additional benefits like bonuses for all sorts of occasions, and of course a company pension scheme. Savings enhancement plans, holiday bonuses and public transportation tickets will also help keep you financially secure. But, of course, money isn’t everything, which is why we place such great importance on opportunities to help keep you fit and find a balance between your work and personal life. You will notice this by lots of little gestures, like the fruit and beverages we provide. In our Hamburg headquarters we also offer a breakfast service and a snack refrigerator.

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Fresh Fruits