Transport insurance – more important than ever

a. hartrodt handles claims quickly and easily with a partner.

The port explosion in the Lebanese capital Beirut in August 2020 has left behind images of devastation. Such man-made damages are risks related to the transport of goods, as well as natural disasters such as hurricanes. Containership fires also give the International Union of Marine Insurance "continued cause for concern". Therefore, customers should definitely protect themselves by a transport insurance, recommends Marco Zachow, General Manager Sea Freight Export at a. hartrodt in Hamburg: "From an operational point of view, this is an enormous facilitation, but unfortunately it is treated shabbily".

Partner for appropriate cover

True, a. hartrodt is liable in accordance with the German Commercial Code and German freight law. But: "The freight forwarder does not always have to pay the full value of the goods in the event of transport damage," says Sabine Blume, Managing Director at Carl Schröter. With the insurance company (Assekuradeur) based in Bremen, a. hartrodt works closely together and can therefore always offer the appropriate cover. Not all customers have their own transport insurance for annual coverage.

Prevent trouble in case of general average

Without insurance, trouble is programmed in case of damage. For example, if a battery-powered forklift truck is standing in salt water during sea transport because the container is leaking. A general average, which the captain often declares after fire on board, can be a huge financial burden for companies: "The cost to save the ship and its cargo are divided between the individual containers and the ship," explains Blume. The customer may have to pay a deposit to get his goods. This can almost reach the value of the goods. "As an underwriting agent, we sign guarantees so that the customer can pick up the goods directly at the port," Blume informs.

Zachow points out another advantage: "In the event of damage, the customer has a single contact person at a. hartrodt. As transport specialists, we take over communication with the insurance experts". This simplifies and accelerates the process.

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