South America continues to develop into a growth market

Demand in particular for export shipments to San Antonio and Callao on the west coast of South America.

Renewable energy is also in demand in oil-exporting Ecuador - a German manufacturer is currently installing a biogas plant in the province of Guayas. Experts from a. hartrodt have managed the shipment of all parts from Bremerhaven to the Pacific coast, including on-carriage to the construction site. "In Germany, we have control over everything that happens up to the port of destination," explains Marco Zachow, General Manager Sea Freight Export at a. hartrodt in Hamburg. “For local services along the supply chain, we use our network of our own offices and long-standing partners.” In April 2018, in Ecuador's capital Quito opened the most recent own office.

Biogas plant shipped in two lots

Divided into two lots, the biogas plant reached Ecuador. "In mid-July, 42 packages with a total weight of 45,000 kilograms were loaded onto the “Maersk Niamey” and landed around three weeks later in the port of Guayaquil," reports Gerd Illing, Regional General Manager Projects at a. hartrodt in Hamburg. The largest parts arrived in mid-September with the "Maersk Niteroi" - including two fermenters weighing 18,500 kilograms each. They mix the substrates in the biogas plant.

Own offices or local partners

South America continues to develop into a growth market for a. hartrodt. The main relations for sea freight go for a. hartrodt on the export side to Chile, followed by Peru. In particular capital goods such as machine parts are shipped. Often long distances have to be covered from the ports to the final destination, for example to a copper mine in Chile. For the analysis of hinterland connections, a. hartrodt can rely on its own offices and partners. "We have been in Santiago de Chile for over 30 years, followed by Peru with three locations in the meantime," reports Zachow. There are also offices in Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia. "In Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, we have strong and long-standing local partners," adds the manager.

In June, the EU and Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay) agreed on a free trade agreement. Zachow hopes that it will enter into force soon: "This would be a further incentive for exports of European goods".