Second wave of Corona: LCL services give security

a. hartrodt offers own consolidated containers with regular departure times worldwide.

In the Corona crisis, the demand for less than container loads (LCL) is increasing. Marco Zachow, General Manager Sea Freight Export at a. hartrodt in Hamburg, observes this for a number of destinations: "In the first nine months of 2020, we are seeing a very interesting percentage growth in LCL sea freight from Europe to Central America compared with the same period last year." Volumes have also developed positively to North America and the Middle East. Zachow sees a correlation with the economic uncertainty in the respective target markets.

Remain flexible – even with small volumes

In view of the second wave of Corona, more and more companies are concerned and have started to implement cost-cutting measures. Therefore LCL services are becoming more and more interesting: "In LCL containers, we consolidate sea freight from several customers for one port location," says Zachow. The consolidated containers from a. hartrodt offer "the necessary flexibility to transport products reliably even when sales volumes are declining". Regular departures "provide the necessary security," says Zachow.

One-stop shop for the customer

With its own consolidated containers, a. hartrodt can offer reliable LCL services with fast transit times worldwide out of one hand. Matthias Pichler, General Manager Ocean Freight Asia at a. hartrodt in Hamburg, emphasizes the advantages: "With us, the customer has a one-stop shop for all LCL shipments including the carriers and container sizes used. When loading and unloading its own LCL containers, a. hartrodt cooperates worldwide with long-term service providers such as Container Freight Stations (CFS). "Processes that have often been in place for years or decades bring quality advantages. Containers can be unloaded faster and damage can be minimized. We can also take special requests into account," explains Pichler.

With increasing demand for LCL services, a. hartrodt will expand its offering in 2021. Countries such as India, Vietnam and the Philippines will be the focus.