Pilot phase: Global Tracking Portal offers top data quality

System calculates CO2e emissions and applies Machine Learning.

In future, a. hartrodt's air and sea freight customers will be able to proactively track their worldwide shipments close to real time in a new Global Tracking Portal. Following the start of the pilot phase for air freight at the beginning of May, the easy-to-use tracking platform will be made available soon. "We are cooperating with the French start-up Wakeo, which is committed to data quality and uses many different data sources," explains Yvonne Boldt-Mehl, IT Business Consultant at a. hartrodt in Hamburg. In the third quarter, the sea freight pilot phase will begin and the functions should also be widely available by the end of the year.

Useful analysis options for easy download

For example, if an air freight customer wants to send spare parts from Frankfurt to Bangkok via Dubai, he or she can see directly when the shipment was picked up and where the aircraft is currently located. Yvonne Boldt-Mehl points out useful analysis options: "Evaluations of which shipments were flown in a specific time period can be easily downloaded." Once transportation is complete, the system automatically calculates the CO2e emissions (CO2 equivalents of various greenhouse gases).

Predictive ETA data by Machine Learning

When tracking FCL and LCL shipments by sea freight, the Global Tracking Portal calculates the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). Yvonne Boldt-Mehl explains: "Predictive ETA data is calculated on the basis of GPS data enriched by Machine Learning." This allows customers to "plan much better" because the ETA is often delayed. The Business Consulting team in IT combines expertise from IT and freight forwarding. The technical challenge that a. hartrodt "does not yet use the same system in all countries worldwide" will no longer apply in future as all data will be imported from CargoWise One.

Wakeo's Global Tracking Portal is also optimized for mobile views on tablets and smartphones. The global training of a. hartrodt's sales staff has begun. Customers can already get in touch with their respective contact person.

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