New Service: Business Consulting in IT

Team of experienced freight forwarding experts digitizes processes for global customers.

"We are freight forwarders in IT." This is how Dierk Reinhardt outlines the special expertise of his five-person team, which he has "successively built up" at a. hartrodt in Hamburg since the beginning of 2022. In the meantime, successful projects are underway – for the Head of IT Business Consulting an ideal time to introduce the new service devision: "The offer addresses both our internal organization and external, global customer demand." In concrete terms, this means that IT solutions from individual a. hartrodt branches are "scaled into the organization". At the same time, the business experts build interfaces for customers in order to digitize processes.

IT experts with freight forwarding apprenticeship

"To ensure that we act as equals with the customer, expertise from the freight forwarding business is important," Dierk Reinhardt emphasizes. When he joined a. hartrodt as team leader at the beginning of 2020, he brought years of hands-on experience with supplier networks, IT concepts for air freight, and process modeling. "All colleagues have a freight forwarding apprenticeship, a high affinity for IT and understand processes," he says.

Solution provider for various interfaces

"We are solution providers," says Dierk Reinhardt, describing Business Consulting's approach in IT. As an example, he mentions the integration of suppliers via a Transport Management System: "We offer customers to integrate ship departures, tracking data or even CO2 emission levels." Especially in the case of emission levels, inquiries are currently increasing. Furthermore, a. hartrodt's new division implements customer interfaces to digitize orders or invoices. Another example: "For a company in the precision mechanics and optics industry, we built a warehouse interface that digitizes all of the customer's warehouse processes with a. hartrodt."

To further optimize data quality, Dierk Reinhardt and his team are establishing strategic partnerships, for example for cloud services. In the future, the consultants want to be "more proactive and help the company identify needs and develop innovative solutions".