Last minute job for crane transport

a. hartrodt’s project team successfully completes shipment from Malaysia to Indonesia.

As if last-minute project loading wasn't complicated enough – the rain makes it a challenge: "We had to drive an incredibly heavy mobile crane in the mud onto the ship," reports Christian Kirrbach, Managing Director at a. hartrodt Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. A key account from the oil & gas industry made a spontaneous decision at the beginning of October to have an almost 18-meter-long, 72-ton crane shipped from Malaysia's capital region to the Indonesian port of Balikpapan by Landing Craft Tank. "We had to pick up 180 tons in 17 packages at two locations overnight so that all packages can be at the jetty in the morning," says Nagarajan Yanaparakasan, General Manager Seafreight at a. hartrodt Malaysia.

One-stop solution with value-added services

Project management is one of the core services provided by a. hartrodt Malaysia. A one-stop solution can include value-added services such as cargo securing, route survey, marine warranty survey or transport insurance. "We review the requirements carefully before offering to procure and manage a shipment in the most effective way," says Nagarajan Yanaparakasan. But for the crane project, hurry was the order of the day.

Last minute special equipment with driver

In less than 24 hours, a. hartrodt arranged all the packages to the private jetty not far from Port Klang. "Due to the ro-ro operation, we needed a seven-axle low loader with ramp for the main crane body, plus seven more trucks," Nagarajan Yanaparakasan reports. Last-minute procurement of special equipment with drivers is not easy, according to Christian Kirrbach. But the experienced project team managed it well with connections to local trucking companies, he says.

Since the ship arrived at low tide, at first only the crane accessories could be loaded by lifting methods. The logistics team had to wait for high tide to reposition the vessel and begin the ro-ro operations. Nagarajan Yanaparakasan is satisfied with the result: "We managed to complete the job on the same day without any additional costs for our customer."

A video of the loading with very impressive pictures please find here

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