Customs jungle: a. hartrodt has global view

Customs experts offer local know-how – whether in Belgium, Peru or Australia.

Worldwide, customs controls are becoming stricter and more demanding – but in the regulatory jungle, a. hartrodt maintains an overview. Sandie Van den Borre, General Manager at a. hartrodt Customs Service Belgium in Antwerp, and her team of twelve provide customers with all the relevant information regarding procedures, trade documents, or required permits - "before the shipment arrives at the port of arrival". In addition, EU customers benefit from cash flow advantages because a. hartrodt also offers fiscal representation in Belgium: "Upon arrival in the port of Antwerp, shipments can continue their journey within the EU to their final destination without VAT payment in Belgium."

Peru: Deadlines mean challenge

While the Belgian customs experts have to master different import/export procedures and customs software in individual EU countries, there are other challenges in Peru. "We have to meet deadlines not only with the customs authority, but also with shipping agents," says Corina Alvaro, Commercial & Operation Supervisor at a. hartrodt Perú in Lima. To avoid demurrage, empty containers must be picked up and delivered or returned within two or three days. The nearly 40-member Peruvian customs work team is organized to ensure that all dispatches are processed on time and efficiently, regardless of the time of day. "This means 24-hour support," says Alvaro.

Australia: Ancillary services including landed costing

In Australia, importers are entrusting a. hartrodt with their shipments and customs declarations. "At times the challenge is convincing the client to dedicate the time to help us to help them," says Chris Sutcliffe, National Customs Manager at a. hartrodt in Brisbane. The customs team at a. hartrodt Australia includes seven licensed Customs Brokers supported by nine ancillary staff. The team provide services "ranging from consulting in respect of tariff classification and food import regulations, to landed costing reports so that importers can price their goods correctly for the market." Currently, four offices nationwide are implementing standardized procedures for all customs functions through the CargoWise One supply chain platform.

Thanks to digitization, a. hartrodt's global customs teams are further improving their service times and simplifying the customs clearance process. Customers appreciate the fast, accurate and personal service – and always with a big smile.