Brexit: New customs border causes delays

a. hartrodt offers individual transport consulting and customs service package.

For Florian Woebb, the Brexit deal on Christmas Eve was the best Christmas present. But the Manager Projects & Logistics Services at a. hartrodt in Hamburg is annoyed that the situation has now changed again for the worse "due to the absolute chaos in English customs clearance". Numerous truck and logistics companies have stopped deliveries to the UK until further notice. Reason: Contrary to the promise made by the British government, many consignees are still unable to handle customs formalities in accordance with the law. "The situation at the borders and regarding freight space is currently coming to a head dramatically," observes Woebb.

Customs formalities for exports

"Customers from the UK or the EU can still import and export goods duty-free," says Woebb, pointing out an important advantage of the agreement. However, there has been a customs border since January 1, 2021, so customs formalities for exports to third party countries will apply. "All standard export documents have to be taken into account, such as commercial invoice, packing list or customs authorization," explains Woebb. For this, a. hartrodt UK also offers advice and assistance.

Waiting times at Eurotunnel and ferries

Transports between the EU and the UK are mostly carried out by truck. Alternatively, a. hartrodt offers short sea transports. Together with trucking companies and other partners, Woebb and his team have "prepared intensively" for Brexit, but he warns: "Customers must be prepared for massive delays." In addition to the double burden of Corona and customs clearance, the reason is "the current collapse in the UK customs clearance". There are not only waiting times at the Eurotunnel and the ferries: "Due to the backlog in the customs clearance system and consequently for trucks that are already in transit, there is a considerable shortage of freight space. We can no longer make any reliable date or transit time commitments."

Nevertheless, Woebb would like to motivate customers to "push" UK shipments and take advantage of a. hartrodt's customs service package, including customs agents. "The United Kingdom is worth it," he affirms.

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