BHS – trusted partner for groupage transportation

a. hartrodt has direct access to the national and international CargoLine network.

"We optimally complement a. hartrodt's sea and air freight network in import and export with Germany-wide groupage services within 24 hours," says Torsten Dahl, Managing Director at BHS Spedition und Logistik in Bremen. The joint venture, founded in 2004, is owned equally by a. hartrodt and two other companies. Customers of a. hartrodt who do not fill a complete truck benefit from process optimization via the hub near Fulda of the general cargo cooperation CargoLine (CL). "We give a. hartrodt direct access to the national network with more than 1,640 direct transports in Germany," explains Dahl.

5,000-square-meter transhipment facility at Bremen freight village

At Germany's largest freight village in Bremen, BHS operates a 5,000-square-meter transhipment facility at its headquarters with 70 employees. "Customers can also store goods for an indefinite period in our open bonded warehouse," Dahl emphasizes. With around 30 chartered vehicles every day – from panel vans to 40-ton trucks – the freight forwarder directly supplies the Port of Bremen as well as zip code areas 27 (Bremerhaven/Cuxhaven) and 28 (Bremen).

Covering every part of Europe plus Central Asia

For more distant customers, BHS relies on the partner network – for example, to pick up consolidated goods from a manufacturer in Berchtesgaden (Bavaria) for recipients in Berlin, Copenhagen and Shanghai. "This means a huge relief for the customer, who doesn't have to call several freight forwarders for separate trucks to arrive at the yard at different times," says Dahl. Via the CL hub, a partial load arrives in Berlin the following day, as well as the export shipment in the Port of Hamburg. To Copenhagen, delivery takes place within 48 hours. "By land, we cover every part of Europe plus Central Asia," Dahl emphasizes.

Due to the pandemic, BHS recorded "considerably more volume" in spring 2021 than in the same period last year, according to Dahl. This year, he also expects "significantly more national outbound shipments" than in 2020. Therefore, BHS recently hired two new employees.