Apprentices' meeting excites young talents

Three days in Hamburg for a. hartrodt trainees to network and learn a lot.

Hello in Hamburg: 26 future management assistants for freight forwarding and logistics services met for three days at the end of April to network at the headquarters of a. hartrodt. The family-owned company has been inviting apprentices to its Germany-wide meeting once a year since 2014 – now for the first time again after a three-year pandemic break. "We don't treat apprentices and employees as numbers, we are a people company," emphasizes Martin Argendorf, who is responsible for training at a. hartrodt Germany. After passing their final exams, eight out of ten young talents decide to stay with the attractive employer.

Talk with owners and managing directors

The apprentices' meeting is particularly informative for those who do their apprenticeship at a decentralized location. At the management talk in Hamburg, they meet at eye level with the owners and managing directors of a. hartrodt Germany. "Furthermore, they get to know everything at headquarters that our domestic stations don't offer," says Martin Argendorf. The highlight is a bus tour through the port directly to the container terminals.

Experience sea freight up close at the Port of Hamburg

Fatme El Kojok deals a lot with air freight at the Hanover branch, and she knew sea freight "in theory, and now finally in practice". To Christian Marino from the Ratingen office, the sea containers seemed "even a bit bigger" than he had imagined. He also found warehousing and container packing at the Zell & Mohr subsidiary exciting: "I was able to experience firsthand what I'm shipping all the time." Non-local apprentices are interested in details in a. hartrodt's central departments such as Group Finance or Tender Management. Learning effect for Christian Marino: "Preparing a global balance sheet is more than just typing in numbers."

After their apprenticeship, Fatme El Kojok and Christian Marino would like to work for one of a. hartrodt's subsidiaries abroad. Fatme El Kojok is interested in Turkey, Christian Marino in South America. He was able to talk about this at the apprentices' meeting with owner Jan van Tienhoven, who has lived in Argentina.

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