A quarter of century on duty for a. hartrodt

Employees like Limin Wang, Rachel Kong and Cristian Valenzuela are key to success.

Limin Wang's personal success story at a. hartrodt is as follows: "When I started in Shanghai 25 years ago, I was the only employee. Today we are 77 people in Shanghai, Ningbo, Wuhan and Chengdu," reports the Managing Director of a. hartrodt Shanghai Logistics. Worldwide, the family-owned company has an increasing number of employees with a quarter-century of service, including Rachel Kong. The Deputy Branch Manager at a. hartrodt Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur describes "professional development" as her greatest success – she has learned "new problem solving skills" from every department.

Opportunities for a management career

"I had the opportunity to jump from the finance department to the new position of Commercial Manager," reports Cristian Valenzuela. When he started at a. hartrodt in Santiago de Chile in 1997, he never expected to get any opportunity for a management career in a German company. But he assumed responsibility for sea operations, customer service, sales, pricing and controlling.

Long time with the company, strong identification

Motivated employees are key to success in international markets. "Because we were the first German freight forwarder in Chile, this has always given us an advantage and respect from our competitors and customers," says Cristian Valenzuela. Rachel Kong also proudly reports: "We are the first German based freight forwarding company in Malaysia with AEO certification, own license for customs clearance, 130 colleagues in 7 offices nationwide." Employees who have been with the company for a long time identify strongly. According to Rachel Kong, "apart from professionalism, friendship and sense of togetherness are also important among colleagues and superiors" for this. Cristian Valenzuela had his boss "always by my side".

Limin Wang still has "the passion to run the business". With his long service to the company, he sees himself as a role model in China for more than 261 colleagues in 15 offices nationwide including Taiwan. At the end of November, he will already celebrate his 26th anniversary at a. hartrodt.

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