LEO award for social engagement


From left: DVZ Chief Editor Harald Ehren, Mike Wilson (Panalpina), Willem van der Schalk (a. hartrodt), Frederik Brantner (Magazino) and Martin Weber, Managing Director of DVV Media Group.

Lutz Lauenroth (DVZ Deputy Chief Editor) ceremoniously presents the award.

Congratulation to hartrodt’s CEO Willem van der Schalk, for receiving the prestigious LEO Award 2017 from the German Logistic Newspaper DVZ Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung.

He was honoured with the award for his social engagement to offer young Syrian refugees a logistic education with a. hartrodt and for starting various round tables and discussion, to encourage other German companies to do the same. Today, a.hartrodt Germany has three Syrian apprentices working in our Hamburg office.

In Mr. van der Schalk accepting speech, he honoured his prize also on behalf of the young German hartrodt apprentices, who are supporting and helping our three young Syrians to master their jobs and exams in German (to this day, all examinations have to be held in German). He also said that due to the great team spirit of our young hartrodt employees, he is confident that integration is coming from all employees and not only by the management team within a company.

“The success story of integrating our employees with refuge background into the work environment, was that all employees where fully committed.” – Willem van der Schalk

Congratulations to this great achievement!