French delicatessen to Singapore


Live oysters in polystyrene mold

The packages of the cargo

Vegetables after arriving in Singapore

Live oysters at the Seafood store in Singapore

food & beverage Singapore, in collaboration with our French office, handled the very first shipment of live oysters, cheeses and fresh vegetable from Rungis/France! 

As the demand for fresh and high quality food items in Singapore increases, the importers here are faced with an ever changing consumer needs. This specific customer’s requirements are stringent due to the nature of food products that we are handling. They are requiring us to arrange late delivery to our warehouse to keep the oysters and vegetables as fresh as possible and we need to arrange only direct flights from Paris to Singapore.

Furthermore we have to ensure that the temperature is kept at a constant +2 to +8 degrees Celsius all throughout the journey to ensure the food items are kept in tip top shape.

Gel ice packs are necessary to ensure the target temperature is met, paired with insulated carton pallets. Temperature data loggers are also required – for this customer, there’s just no compromise on quality!

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our colleague in Singapore:

Mr. Archie Tan
Regional FBLOG Manager SEA
Phone (+65) 64 64 56 01