Xiamen office – fully licensed Class A company


F.l.t.r.: Mr. Jan Buelck (Managing Director Hong Kong), Mr. Fan Luo (Managing Director Xiamen), Ms Crystal Lam (Assistant to MD, Operations & Marketing Hong Kong)

Opening ceremony in Xiamen

Our team in Xiamen

We are happy to announce a new development in our Greater China region.

Our Xiamen office, opened in 2005 and managed since then as representative office of a. hartrodt Hong Kong, is now an independent and fully licensed Class A company. Our colleagues could not have chosen a better date for the opening ceremony: August 8th, 2018. In Chinese culture the 8 is a lucky number. The pronunciation of 8 is ‘Ba’ in mandarin and has a similar sound like the word ‘Fa’ which means “make a fortune” and should bring prosperity and success. 

We wish our newly appointed Managing Director Mr. Fan Luo and his team all the best for the future!