Current Development in the Airfreight Market



The tight air cargo market has been in a critical situation for months.

This has an adverse impact on all airlines, handling companies, trucking companies, forwarding agents and of course our customers.

Flights are already fully booked over the next few weeks. By now some airlines do not accept bookings anymore.

Frankfurt Cargo Services GmbH is coming up with strikes again, the most recent one took place last Saturday. This situation is increasingly getting worse for the handling facilities. Another strike this week is announced on 23rd and 24th of November by Verdi Union.

Delivery and local freight pick up at Frankfurt Airport implicate long waiting times, which is why some logistic providers have already imposed a ban on driving.

It is obviously that most airlines will sell their capacities by priority rates only. It has become daily business that shipments are offloaded by higher paid freight.

At this point there is no easing of tension towards the end of year business.

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