Transport solutions with an environmental emphasis


Sustainable solutions are playing an ever greater role in the sector of transport and logistics. As a worldwide company, a. hartrodt is very conscious of its responsibility to preserve the environment. This means that all our employees are very aware of the need for solutions which are as environmentally-friendly and resource-saving as possible. The requirement to adopt methods which are as environmentally-friendly and resource-saving as is practical, plays a vital role in every one of our transport and logistics solutions.

Reliability and quality guaranteed

Optimum transport and logistics services can only be achieved by the maximum level of reliability and by comprehensive quality management. Both factors therefore play a critical role in our daily business at a. hartrodt. We have been an IATA agent since 1950 and as far back as 1998 we introduced, in Hamburg, a quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9002/9001; which, since then, has provided the basis for the certification of many of our subsidiaries and partners. In addition, the a. hartrodt group was one of the first companies in the whole of Europe to be awarded a full AEO certificate.