Comprehensively trained

For 50 years , a. hartrodt has been registered with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, as a company which promotes training and has received awards on many occasions for  "Outstanding performance in training".

We offer training courses in state-recognised commercial careers  and in three-part training programs for qualification. Those interested in training opportunities in the diverse industry of international transport and logistics services should

  • have a good knowledge of German, mathematics and English
  • be receptive and flexible 
  • have a strong talent for organisation

There are no barriers to your career opportunities after your appointment. Thanks to regular rounds of feedback, exchange programs, assessments, team building measures and work placements abroad, you will be fully prepared by us for the global working world and we will be able to offer you a wide range of international prospects. 

Available selection of four career paths

There are currently four career branches at a. hartrodt. Training for a qualification is offered:

At all locations in Germany:

  • Commercial manager for freight forwarding and logistics services (beginning on 1st August or 1st September of each year and in Hamburg also on 1st February)

In Hamburg:

  • Commercial manager for office communications
  • IT specialist for applications development
  • IT specialist for system integration

The training takes place in a dual system. In addition to practical work within the company, it also includes regular attendance at a training college, concluding after 2.5 to 3 years with final examinations at the appropriate Chamber of Commerce.