Terms and Conditions

a. hartrodt Perú S.A.C. works under general conditions stipulated in transport documents. Also, the liability of our company is limited to the legal clauses of liability limit stipulated by the participating companies in each transport contract (B/L, AWB, CMR, FB/L). 

The rate do not include: Dangerous goods handling, perishable handling, over measure, overweight, household goods, life stock, valuable cargo, demurrage, insurance, warehouse and/or other expenses outside those stipulated in the quote. 

The quotation is subject to variation according to the increases informed by the airline and shipping line. The international freight is considered V.A.T.O.S. (Valid at Time of Shipment). We suggest confirming the rate before the shipment. 

Air rates will apply to the chargeable weight of the cargo, the same will be the greater between the gross weight and volume weight. The volume weight is calculated in relation to 1 m3 = 167.00 Kg (Ratio 1:6) 

a. hartrodt Perú S.A.C. has the liberty to select the carrier, unless it is detailed in the quote. All shipments are subject to space availability. 

Payments in cash are not accepted; the payment conditions are under bank transfer or check presentation, unless a different payment term has been authorized by our company. 

The acceptance of this quote implies acceptance of the terms and conditions established in it. Also, the contracting parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the Cercado de Lima.