General terms and conditions

We work under the general conditions stipulated in the transport documents. All prices are based on the rates and fees of a. hartrodt México S.A. de CV. and may be modified with or without prior notice, according to the carriers that intervene in the and / or market general situation. The liability of a.hartrodt México S.A. de CV., is limited to the legal clauses of liability limit stipulated by the participating companies in each transport contract (on the back of the document). a. hartrodt México S.A. de C.V.; runs its business, subject to the "FIATA Regulations for freight forwarding service" that are available by request. The handling of your shipments implies the acceptance of this offer in the terms and conditions established therein.

To determine the limit of liability a.hartrodt México S.A. de CV. will comply with of all conventions that abide by or apply to international transport in all its forms (such as the Hamburg Rules, Warsaw Convention and any other that may apply) and the limits of liability established in the respective ones that account for transportation in each case, and without excluding others, such as; FIATA BL, Arrow Maritime Line BL, House Airwaybill, Multimodal transport documents and others.

The International Freight surcharges are considered VATOS (valid at time of shipment).

The rates exclude Dangerous Cargo (DGR), Perishable, Extra Dimensional, Extra Heavy, Domestic Goods, Live Animals, Textiles, Spare Parts and Appliances, subject to Port Inventory, and valuable good (Value Rated), unless it is clearly established in our offer.

a. hartrodt México S.A. de CV., has the liberty to select the carrier according to the bookings and subject to space availability, unless otherwise is previously stipulated.

Any cancellation of service with less than 72 hours of the itinerary provided may generate charges, which must be covered by the customer for late cancellation

Shipments will be made in first category lines, according to ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 14001/2004 internal standards. 


The volume weight ratio for air transport: 1 m3 = 167 kgs. (Ratio 1: 6) / Maritime: 1m3 = 1,000 kgs.

Cargo Insurance

The activity of the shipper in case of loss is limited according to the rules established and indicated above. In order to cover any risk for your Company, we suggest you insure each shipment of merchandise through an appropriate Cargo Insurance and / or Container Insurance.  a. hartrodt México S.A. de CV.; will not take any cargo or container insurance except upon written request declaring the value to be insured.

Insurance for your needs can be quoted without obligation through a. hartrodt México S.A. de CV.‘s  insurance agent.

For shipments of loose cargo, we suggest you ask the exporter to request a resistant and neutral export packaging to avoid damage, theft and / or loss.

Expenses at origin/ destination 

Our offer does not include: expenses in origin that are not assumed by the exporter, "Inland Freight", local expenses, expenses of issuance of commercial documents (certificates of origin or other) not stipulated, costs for return to the port or demurrages or storages of containers in origin / destination, charges for guarantee deposits, terminal expenses, (if it is not mentioned in this offer.

It does not include packaging, stowage of the container or inspection of cargo at the origin or at the transshipment port (if not mentioned in this offer).

It does not include customs clearance at origin or destination (if not mentioned in this offer).

Boarding instructions

All shipping instructions must be sent in writing a.hartrodt México S.A. de CV. before boarding. 

Any authorization or legal requirements that may be needed for the effect of this shipment will be borne by the importer and / or his seller. Also, any permission and / or legal requirements for import / export.

In compliance with International Phytosanitary standards, a.hartrodt does not ship wood packaging without fumigation.

Billing and payments

Cash payment conditions or according to payment terms previously authorized and confirmed by a.hartrodt México S.A. de CV. The services are billed in the quoted currency, so the payment thereof must be made in the corresponding currency.

IMPORTANT: a. hartrodt México C.V.; is taking charge of your business, subject to the "FIATA Regulations for freight forwarding services" that are available upon request.

The "General Terms" of this Commercial Proposal are an integral part of it.