Piece level examination for all Australian international airfreight outbound cargo


The Australian Government is implementing security measures to strengthen Australia's international outbound air cargo security in response to evolving threats.

These security measures are being introduced in response to the disrupted terrorist plot in Sydney in July 2017. The plot demonstrated a level of terrorist intent and sophistication not previously seen in Australia.

It is essential Australia's aviation industry employ effective security measures to address the threat environment and protect our trade and travel.

The initiatives include piece-level examination for all Australian outbound international air cargo from 1 March 2019.

The Department is also working with industry to strengthen domestic air cargo security arrangements.

Changes to air cargo security

By 1 March 2019, all outbound international air cargo, regardless of destination, must:

  • be examined by a Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA) in accordance with an Enhanced Air Cargo Examination (EACE) notice; or
  • originate from a Known Consignor.

These security measures expand the arrangements which currently apply to air cargo bound for the United States of America, to all other international destinations

So far we have installed a first level screening device (x-ray screening) and secondary screening device (explosive screening) at our Melbourne warehouse to cater especially for the

relatively high volume of dairy airfreight export shipments. Other stations (SYD/BNE) might follow at a later.

For additional information please go to the Department's Air Cargo Security web pages or get in contact with any of our offices here in Australia.