a. hartrodt Med-Africa Regional Sales Meeting in Portugal


Some of the participants from Spain, Italy, Slovenia, South Africa, Greece

Mr. Maurizio Fasce, Regional MD Med-Africa

From left: Mr. Carlos Ferreira (MD Portugal), LT Coronel Ferreira (PR department of the Garda Nacional Republican), Managing Partner Mr. Andreas Wenzel, Mr. Merceano Roque (Unicer) and Mr. Maurizio Fasce

Special guest from overseas: Mr. Dirk Haarhaus (RD Oceania)

This week (June 12th to 14th) some of our international colleagues met for the a. hartrodt Med-Africa Regional Sales Meeting in Porto, Portugal.

Together they worked on creating opportunities through motivation, competence, team spirit and discipline.

Special guest from overseas was Mr. Dirk Haarhaus (Regional Director Oceania) and our Managing Partner Mr. Andreas Wenzel from Germany.